Cognizant of the role of education in responding to individual and societal needs founded on respect for the diversity of interests and existence of conditions for security, peace and programs, UC prepares the individual to improve one's quality of life.

With this vision as an educational institution, UC then becomes one of the leading universities in the Asia-Pacific Region.


Consistent with this mission, the university aims to:

1. Produce graduates who are equipped with academic, scientific, technical and vocational knowledge and skills, globally competitive and responsive to the changing needs and demands of the times, and are professionally and spiritually active participants in the building of their future.

2. Instill moral, ethical and aesthetic values to learners as citizens of the Philippines and of the world with the end in view of producing men and women of character.

3. Give the best education to all regardless of creed, status, rank and age; free from elitism, authoritarianism, excessive academism, formalism and the tendency to foster passive attitudes by instilling in the students an appreciation of the diversity of outlooks and cultures as well as providing them with a setting in which creativity and originality can flourish.

4. Become a Center of research, culture, arts and athletics in the formal and non-formal modes of education to serve the evolving lifelong needs of all. Build a physical environment conducive to learning, providing the students with the ability to learn, to reach for excellence and the motivation to work for the common good.

5. Organize activities in community building and development, environmental protection and preservation, as well as the promotion of community spirit and the development of a caring attitude towards others.

6. Achieve Level III status for all academic programs by the year 2010.


These are, therefore, the values that the University of Cebu believes in

1. We value Truth, Justice, Beauty, Respect, Integrity, Common Good, Service and Commitment.

2. We value our cultural heritage and sportmanship.

3. We value the welfare and well-being of the total person regardless of status and rank.

4. We value harmonious relationship within and outside the UC Community.

5. We value our stewardship of God's creation and man's invention.

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