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Big Numbers

Boglok couldn't decide whether to stay or go and joined #usc-ghs 119 times during this reporting period...
Im_NEil really wanted others to know what was doing - 105 descriptions alltogether.
 [22:48] * Im_NEil Hahahay ka kapuy baya kung wa ka ga chat uyyy!Boring
The evil guard of #usc-ghs was Boglok who got this reputation after kicking out 11 persons.
 [17:22] <eischuck> naa riza aragon dri
[17:49] * eischuck was kicked by Boglok (Repeating - 4 times)

Also Secyo tried to look cool and kicked out 5 persons.

Sore butt award goes to PardonMe` for being kicked out 3 times.
 [23:28] <PardonMe`> nyahahahahahahahha
[23:31] * PardonMe` was kicked by SCUMbh3rg (salig man ka)
Boglok knew what to say and said "asl" for 9 times.
Loudest one was flirt_pre with yell percentage of 63%!

Second loudest on the block: BABY`BLUE - 62% with high volume!

am2_09 had many things uncertain - 45% of lines contained a question.

...and silver medal goes to babygurl1 - with question ratio of 27%.

TeLaY spoke most monologues - wrote over 5 lines in a row for 14 times...

Runner-up auto-chatter: Boglok - spoke 8 times with himself.

tee_tie had sticky Shift button - wrote 19 lines in CAPS.
 [20:25] <tee_tie> TELAY!!!!!!!1
BABY`BLUE wrote longest lines - average of 32 letters per line.

Average line length on #usc-ghs was 18 letters.

Total count of net splits: 14. In average that is 1.75 splits per day

Most splits per day: 3 splits on 12.11.2002

Longest net split occured on 15.11.2002 2:31pm and lasted for 58 min (2 people dropped in this split)

Most people (5) dropped on 13.11.2002 6:44pm. This split lasted for 5 min.
List of persons with most nicknames (They just couldn't find the right one...)
RayBurn`^34 NicksRayBurn`^(51%), KreCk(27%), L33t^15(20%), RaZoRspie(1.0%), RePoRteR(0.5%), B0yNxTDuR(0.0%), missy_07(0.0%), orc_weird(0.0%), Michi_^(0.0%), hehehe(0.0%), walts(0.0%), s|Lver|ce(0.0%), fg(0.0%), KiLLaH(0.0%), ahfkjh(0.0%), heheh(0.0%), asdfasf(0.0%), chris^16(0.0%), laila15(0.0%), rAmRoDz(0.0%), RaZoRspee(0.0%),...
s|nnEd15f33 Nickss|nnEd15f(62%), oO^-_-^Oo(33%), TraShGurL(2.7%), dhan1(2.4%), lyca(0.0%), wecked(0.0%), GUY_16(0.0%), GUY_18(0.0%), lady29(0.0%), sk8r_gurl(0.0%), JHIGZ(0.0%), JULIA39(0.0%), Dhan2(0.0%), GUY_15(0.0%), maki(0.0%), jubilee22(0.0%), lady22(0.0%), Girl^22(0.0%), chang2x(0.0%), s|nnEd15(0.0%), zdhzdjj(0.0%), peneloppe...
Boglok21 NicksBoglok(70%), tanduay65(15%), Bogetz(12%), Boglokz(2.1%), BuLiNaW(0.6%), ALDS(0.3%), bukog(0.2%), {brb}(0.0%), TatKonTou(0.0%), ALDS{brb}(0.0%), olsomat(0.0%), Bogz-BrB(0.0%), station7(0.0%), BuLiNgIt(0.0%), BuL|Ng|t(0.0%), snoopysmi(0.0%), KuYaIg(0.0%), Station9(0.0%), BuL|NaW(0.0%), P8_ningpo(0.0%), tAmOsLo(0.0%...
dodoTIMUS18 NicksdodoTIMUS(59%), dotskie(16%), echan^_^(15%), dodot(5.2%), TIMUS(2.6%), dot^awt(0.7%), dot|awt(0.7%), adidas^_^(0.3%), dot^brb(0.0%), ubaskunk(0.0%), incubator(0.0%), rancio(0.0%), dodot^out(0.0%), mbot(0.0%), dodot`(0.0%), dot^out(0.0%), mest99(0.0%), katag(0.0%)
ShoemakeR6 NicksShoemakeR(100%), Sh0emakeR(0.0%), otic(0.0%), jay-ar3(0.0%), shoe_Brb(0.0%), betrhome(0.0%)

Activity distribution

10/2002 - 11/2002

Lines per day Number of days
1 (10%)
0 (0%)
0 (0%)
2 (20%)
1 (10%)
4 (40%)
2 (20%)
0 (0%)

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